The Ultimate Rental Property Move In Checklist – A Guide for Tenant Orientation in Phoenix, AZ

Today, we’re talking about the best opportunity you have during the leasing process to get to know your tenant and set the tone for the residency right up front. When a tenant is moving in, you can provide an orientation and conduct an inspection. It’s a good chance to meet one on one with the tenant to explain your expectations and policies. You can also get to know them and help them understand the property. Don’t let tenants rush through the lease and sign it without understanding it. Make sure they understand their duties and responsibilities.

Lease Terms

Go over the terms of the contract and be sure your tenants understand their duties and responsibilities. Discuss who takes care of the landscaping and the pool and what to do if something breaks down. Instruct them how to manage the work order process and how to contact someone during an emergency or after hours. They will have a clear understanding of how to take care of issues that may come up. Provide emergency phone numbers, emails, online portals and every possible way to contact your office.

Rental Payments

This is also a great opportunity to talk to tenants about when rent must be paid and how it should be paid. Identify the locations where rent will be accepted and explain and the consequences of not paying on time. Tenants need to know the late fees and the costs of legal actions and what will happen during an eviction. You don’t want your tenants to be surprised when they don’t pay rent on time.

Inspection Form

Conduct an inspection and explain the form you’re using to document. Leave the form with the tenant to note any additional problems. This will protect their security deposit and ensure they aren’t charged for pre-existing things in the property. Explain to the tenants that this form isn’t necessary a work order list, but something that documents the condition of the property. Tell the tenants it will be compared to your checklist after they move out. Encourage the tenants to take photos if they want.

Preparing the Tenants

Make sure they have all of the keys, access cards and remote controls necessary to live in the home. Instruct them on the major shut off systems for the property like the main water, hot water heater and the breaker box. Tell them how these things operate. If there’s an emergency, they can go directly to those places and shut off the items so there isn’t additional damage to the property.

The Ultimate Rental Property Move In Checklist – A Guide for Tenant Orientation in Phoenix, AZIf you get a vibe that the tenants aren’t going to be cooperative, don’t be afraid to walk away before the lease is signed. When a tenant comes in and begrudgingly signs the lease, you can have a tough 12 months with an argumentative, negative tenant. Once you sign the lease, you and the tenant are agreeing to the contract.

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